Top Things Mammoth Lakes Is Famous For

Mammoth Lakes is largely known for the majestic mountain that rests here—which is actually a dormant volcanic dome. It’s also known for the resort that dominates most of the mountain. Below, the mountain sports experts from ASO Mammoth, your top choice for mountain bike, snowboard, and ski rental in Mammoth, take a closer look at what Mammoth Lakes is known for to give you a better idea of what to expect when you visit.

Mammoth Mountain

As mentioned above, one of the things Mammoth Lakes is best known for is the resort here. Aside from being a major source of revenue for the town due to the many visitors it attracts annually, it’s also a hub of activity in the area, with several popular things to do here, including:

• Skiing and snowboarding
• Hiking in late spring, summer, and early fall
• Family-friendly events during many of the major holidays
• Biking along an assortment of trails
• Scenic gondola rides
• On-site festivals

The Mammoth Lakes Basin

Mammoth Lakes is also well known for its main lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. All five of the lakes here are well stocked with trout and a few other fish species, which is why Mammoth Lakes is also known for fishing. Additional lake-related activities you’re welcome to enjoy while you’re here include:

• Boating, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding
• Picnicking by the lake
• Camping by most of the lakes
• Hiking along lakeside trails

If there’s one single lake Mammoth Lakes is known for, it would have to be Convict Lake. Named after an infamous incident that took place in the late 1800s involving a shootout, it’s now known as one of the most photogenic lakes in the region, if not the entire West Coast. One of the reasons is because the water has a glass-like appearance that reflects the surrounding landscape perfectly. It’s also a popular place to take sunset photos.


Mammoth Lakes is incredibly picturesque. It’s also home to many memorable locations where you can explore, take selfies, or simply immerse yourself in what you’re seeing and experiencing firsthand. 

If you’re new to town, a good place to start is the Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center, which is conveniently located on Main Street. You can pick up maps here and get tips on where to explore. Options include:

• Devils Postpile National Monument
• Reds Meadow and Rainbow Falls
• The Inyo Craters
• Minaret Vista—where you can see the jagged Sierra Nevada peaks
• The Hot Creek Geological Site

Hot Springs

The hot springs in the area are technically located just outside of town. However, many visitors use Mammoth Lakes as their base when exploring the hot springs. Wild Willy’s Hot Spring is one of the more popular destinations of this nature.

Shopping & Dining

Mammoth Lakes has a charming downtown area where you can check out local dining and shopping destinations. Incidentally, you can go from Mammoth Mountain directly into town via the shuttle that runs from the resort to various points throughout the area.

Now that you know some of the best things about Mammoth Lakes, start planning your trip now so you’ll have a great time when you visit. Whether you need last-minute mountain biking gear, top-notch ski repair, or high-quality Mammoth snowboard rental, ASO Mammoth is your one-stop shop for everything you need to have a great time at Mammoth during every season. Stop by on your way to the lakes or give us a call at 760-965-3444.