The Best Road Bike Rides in Mammoth Lakes

Places as friendly to outdoors sports as Mammoth Lakes offer plenty of options for the people who enjoy them. For example, if you’re a cyclist then you have the option of riding through the mellow Lakes Basin Path, challenging yourself by powering up the steep roads leading to Minaret Vista, or something in between.

No matter where or how you choose to ride you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the Eastern Sierra mountains, so there are no wrong choices. However, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list of the most popular roads in the Mammoth Lakes area! Check it out below and remember to drink extra water if you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes, especially if you’re cycling. Cycling is already stressful on your body and cycling at elevation is even harder, so prepare by drinking extra water and acclimate before you challenge yourself!

The Lakes Basin Bike Path

Although the Lakes Basin Path is moderately difficult, the scenery and accessibility is too good to pass up. Whether you’re staying in the Lakes Basin or are in town and want to explore a few of the lakes Mammoth is famous for, the Lakes Basin Bike Path is within reach due to the fact that it stretches from the Lakes Basin to just below the Village.

You can ride as much or little as you want and you’ll be satisfied on the Lakes Basin Path but riding the 14-mile round trip will be a challenge for casual bikers, especially those who are visiting from lower elevations. For more experienced cyclists, the Lakes Basin Bike Path is an excellent warm up ride to help acclimate to the elevation before taking on more serious rides. 

Minaret Vista to Reds Meadow

If the views of the mountains from the Lakes Basin Path makes you want to burn some calories and test your cardio by riding through mountain peaks, then the Minaret Vista path is an excellent option.

If you’re beginning on the Minaret Vista end of the trail, then you can start by riding onto Minaret Road just outside of the village.

  • You’ll start ascending past neighborhoods, Mammoth Scenic Loop, the Earthquake Fault, and Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge.
  • Finally, you’ll pass Minaret Vista.
  • Soon after you’ll begin the scenic descent on Postpile Road until you come to an intersection with Agnew Meadows Road. Stick to the left and follow Minaret Summit Road all the way down into Red’s Meadow. Round trip, the Red’s Meadow ride is 28 miles so pace yourself!

Mammoth Scenic Loop

Looking for another scenic ride that’s slightly shorter? Check out one of Mammoth Lakes’ most popular cycling roads at Mammoth Lakes Scenic Loop.

  • If you’re in Mammoth Lakes then the best place to start this ride is just outside the Village at Minaret Road.
  • You’ll pass Mammoth Knolls Drive on your right as you ascend until you come to Mammoth Scenic Loop again on your right.
  • Turn right here and continue to ascend up Mammoth Scenic Loop. You’ll pass a few different roads but stay on Mammoth Scenic Loop and descend all the way to Highway 395.
  • If you enjoyed the ride down, then you can turn around and take the same road back up and down for a round trip that finishes in the Village for a grand total of 18 miles.
  • You also have the option of turning onto Highway 395 and riding back into Mammoth Lakes that way, however this ride is more difficult as it’s a steeper climb.

No matter where you ride in Mammoth Lakes, you’re sure to find somewhere great! If you need any cycling gear or information stop by ASO Mammoth!

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