The Best Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes

Leaves changing color from deep green to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows is one of the surest, and prettiest, signs of fall.

On top of that, after a long summer most of us are eager to see the brightest and best fall colors to fully embrace fall and everything it brings. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team is writing about the best fall colors in Mammoth Lakes here. Check out the when and where for fall colors in Mammoth, then stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for all the outdoor gear you need to see them!

When to See Fall Colors in Mammoth

Fall colors are beautiful just about anywhere, but they’re uniquely beautiful in Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth’s elevation means cool weather hits here first. As a result Mammoth’s fall colors are often earlier than other places, and thanks to the high elevations of many of the mountains here the color often descends from the top of the tree line as we get deeper into fall.

That wave of color means a long fall color season with great variety in colors and intensity that everyone should see at least once.

There is still a peak in the colors in Mammoth Lakes though. The leaves typically begin to change in mid-September at the highest elevation where cool temperatures are strongest. As the air cools further down, the leaves change with it.

Generally, the time when most of the leaves will have changed colors and are at their brightest, also known as their peak, is in mid-October.

Still, don’t worry if you miss peak colors. Mammoth’s elevation means that fall colors last for most of the season. If the weather has been cool at night and dry and warm during the day then you can expect especially bright colors!

Where to See Fall Colors in Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes Basin

If you want to enjoy beautiful mountain peaks with slopes covered in fall colors, then look no further than the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

The Lakes Basin is a short drive, bike ride, or walk from the Village at Mammoth Lakes and home to several beautiful lakes as well as incredible views of the surrounding mountains. In terms of accessibility and variety there isn’t a place that delivers more bang for your buck than the Lakes Basin during fall.

Convict Lake

If you don’t mind heading outside of Mammoth Lakes then Convict Lake is a must for anyone who loves mountains and fall colors.

Convict Lake combines pristine water, beautiful peaks on all sides, and slopes dotted with fall colors during September and October to make one of the most popular places in the entire Mammoth Lakes area.

On top of that, there are recreation choices in the area like boat launching ramps, walking trails, and sandy shorelines that you can make a day out of. Convict Lake is another beautiful but accessible place that should be on the top of the list for anyone who wants to see the best fall colors in Mammoth Lakes!