How Can I Do an Ollie on My Snowboard?

An ollie is a simple—but very important—snowboarding trick in terms of what it can allow you to do on your board. All you’re doing is using your snowboard to lift yourself off the ground. Once you master this trick, you can use it as a basis for other tricks and moves as you improve and advance. The snow sports pros from ASO Mammoth, the premier place for Mammoth snowboard rentals and gear, outline the steps necessary to learn how to ollie on a snowboard.

Bend Your Knees & Apply Front Foot Pressure

Start by bending your knees, which is a piece of advice that applies to many different snowboarding moves. Once your knees are bent, apply light pressure to your leading or front foot.

Put Pressure on the Tail of the Board & Get Some Lift

Ease your board forward so it’s right underneath you. What this does is load pressure on the rear or tail of your board. Next, wrap things up by releasing pressure from the tail of your board. This is what gives you the lift needed to get into the air.

Put All the Steps Together Quickly

After you’ve gotten a feel for the basic moves required to ollie on a snowboard, work on putting all the steps together quickly. When you do this, you’ll be creating a wave-like motion with your board. It looks like the front foot is being lifted while leaning backward, but it’s really the pressure on the tail that creates the necessary lift.

Practice & Work on Your Technique

When doing an ollie correctly, the back of your board acts like a spring as your weight shifts backward. It will take some practice, but most snowboarders are able to master this trick fairly easily by practicing. As you practice, act as if you’re trying to jump into the air as you push off the ground with the foot at the back of the board. You’ll know you’ve mastered the ollie if you reach a point where the following things happen:

• You feel noticeable momentum with the board
• You’re able to remain comfortably steady as the board moves upward
• It feels like your board is “snapping” in the air

Know What to Do in the Air (and When You Land)

It’s just as important to know what to do when you’re in the air to maintain stability and control. After you’ve “caught air,” center your body again so your weight is once again over the board. It’s necessary to do this so you can land and ride away without falling. Also, keep your eyes focused on where you intend to land and not down at your board.

Start on Flat Ground

When just starting with the ollie, practice on flat terrain. This is a safe way to work on your technique. As you improve, start the ollie on a flat surface and land on downward-facing terrain with a slight drop. You can then try more challenging terrain with more confidence after you’re able to get some air on smaller jump-off points.

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