What Does It Cost to Rent Skis?

Skiing requires an array of gear that many people choose to rent as needed. Novices and experienced skiers alike often prefer to rent rather than own, and knowing a little bit about where and when to acquire the necessary equipment can help people save money in the long run.


Many popular ski destinations feature resorts or even entire villages. Ski villages offer more options when it comes to renting equipment. A venue situated close to the base of the mountain is often more expensive. On the other hand, communities where skiing and other winter sports are popular commonly have a variety of rental companies to choose from. Shopping in these locations is more cost-effective and enables customers to avoid lines at resorts. Renting equipment online and having it delivered to your hotel or resort is another option.

Necessary Equipment

The basic equipment needed to hit the slopes typically involves ski boots, skis, and poles. Employees at Mammoth ski rental shops are on hand to help customers find the appropriate equipment. The type of gear needed depends on the skier’s level of experience and the type of terrain the individual plans to ski on. Proper fitting of boots is essential to ensure comfort, safety, and mobility. Goggles deflect glare on sunny days. Proper outerwear is also important, and it’s available for rental at resorts. Resorts also commonly offer packages for novice skiers who plan to take instruction. In addition to coaching, the package usually includes all the equipment needed.

Rental Options

Rental prices are determined by the type of gear required and the length of rental time. It’s not unusual for venues to add damage insurance. Experienced skiers have the option of renting individual pieces of equipment—a pair of skis, newer boots, a helmet, or poles. Rental packages are available to cover specific time frames. Some might prefer skiing for only a few hours, while others may choose to be out for an entire day or more than one day.

Planned Trips

When planning to indulge in a weekend of skiing, reserving equipment in advance ensures the desired gear is ready and waiting before the trip. Reserving gear is also beneficial if the trip is planned for a holiday or a busy weekend.

Seasonal Rentals

Seasonal renting is another option that ensures skiers have the necessary equipment ready when they need to pick it up. The arrangements are typically made in late summer or early fall. Seasonal packages often include skis, poles, boots, and bindings. Clients are fitted during an initial visit and use the personalized package for the entire ski season. Seasonal options are also ideal for families. As children grow during the year, families simply trade out their reserved items for larger ones without paying additional fees. 

Skiers can have a blast on the slopes when they make sure to start off with the right gear. Whether they need to buy jackets, get boots fitted, or rent skis, Mammoth visitors can rely on ASO Mammoth for high-quality service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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