Is Mammoth Worth Visiting in October?

Mammoth is accessible practically any time of year, and this certainly includes October. It’s a great time to visit this popular area, since there’s a hint of winter in the air. However, there are still great summertime activities you can enjoy during this time of year as well. Below, the mountain sports experts at ASO Mammoth, your year-round one-stop shop for everything from fishing and mountain biking equipment to ski gear and Mammoth snowboard rentals, run through our list of reasons October is a perfect time to go to Mammoth.

Hike among the Fall Leaves

Even in sunny California, the leaves put on a dazzling display of colors you’ll absolutely want to absorb yourself in during an October visit to the Mammoth area. One way to do this is to hike your way through nature’s beauty. You’ll also find some well-marked trails of varying degrees of difficulty at Mammoth Mountain. Just remember to bring clothing for cooler weather, since it can get cold in the Mammoth area.

Check Out the Fall Sights & Do Some Exploring

October is a perfect time to check out the local sights and features in the Mammoth area. Popular options include:

• Inyo Craters—home to volcanic craters
• Yosemite National Park—which is accessible via shuttle service
• Rainbow Falls

Another possibility is to take a scenic gondola ride to the very top of Mammoth Mountain. This is a great way to check out the sights from above in a comfortable enclosed space. What’s more, you can enjoy a nice fall treat at the café located at the summit. Once you’re there, you’ll also be able to enjoy impressive panoramic views. Tickets are required for the gondola, and you can purchase them online or in person at the resort.

Plan a Fall Camping Trip

The good thing about camping in the fall is that you won’t have to worry about the crowds as much as you would in the summer. You can even plan a weekday camping trip in October. This way, you can have an even more relaxing and tranquil fall camping experience.

Do Some Fall Fishing

Another reason October is a good time to visit Mammoth is because of the ability to fish in a less crowded setting. All the lakes are still stocked with trout and a few other species. All you’ll have to do is rent the gear you need. Fishing is allowed in the Mammoth area through the middle of November and even year-round in some spots.

Get Ready for Ski/Snowboard Season

One other reason to visit Mammoth Lakes in October is to get yourself set up for the upcoming winter season. Usually, this starts during the middle of November. However, there have been some years when snow has arrived in the Mammoth Lakes area early enough to allow Mammoth Mountain to open early. Even if this doesn’t happen this October, you can always purchase your tickets for the new season while visiting Mammoth. 

No matter what time of year you visit Mammoth, you’re sure to have a fantastic time. Whether you’re here to fish, hike, bike, ski, or snowboard, drop by ASO Mammoth, where you can find everything you need to enjoy your time in the Mammoth area. If you need biking gear, fishing licenses, or ski rentals in Mammoth, our friendly team is here to help. Give us a call today at 760-965-3444.