How to Protect Your Electronics on the Ski Mountain

Some people come to the slopes in order to get away from the messages, calls, and other distractions attached to our phones and other electronics. For some people though, the mountains are the perfect place to listen to music, take a photo, or make all their friends and family jealous with a post about their vacation.

If you fall in the latter category but are worried about your electronics surviving the trip, check out ASO Mammoth’s guide to protecting electronics while skiing and snowboarding!

Find a Good Quality Case that Protects Against Shock

If you’ve read this far, then your primary concern for your phone, mp3 player, or other electronic device is probably water damage since the slope is technically covered in it. Fortunately, modern ski clothes and waterproof cases such as Otter Boxes provide an effective one-two punch to keep your handheld electronics dry on the slope.

Another way to damage your electronics that is just as likely as water damage but is thought about much less is shock. If you’re buying a case for your phone or other electronic device to protect it in the outdoors, then you should find one that absorbs shock or at least protects your device from it. If you don’t have the luxury of a shock absorbent case, then we recommend storing your device in one of your inner layers and using the outer layers as a barrier between your electronics and the ground.

electronics ziplock
Use a Ziplock to protect your electronics on the mountain!

And Bring a Ziplock Along

Just because great phone cases are expensive doesn’t mean that all the ways to protect your electronics must be, and Ziplock bags prove it.

If you rely on waterproof ski clothes to protect your electronics alone, then your devices will be fine as long as they’re inside a pocket with a functioning zipper. If you want to actually use your device and take it out of your pocket though, then all it takes is a misplaced step or someone else running into you for your device to end up in the snow.

Fortunately, a simple Ziplock bag will protect your phone from water damage while it is out of a pocket while also allowing you to use the touch screen through the plastic film. If you don’t have a good case, then we recommend at least storing your phone or other handheld electronic device in a Ziplock bag so you can use it on the snow with little fear.

Find a Way to Use Your Phone Without Having It Out

The Ziplock bag trick works well and is cheap, but an even better way to protect your electronics is to find a way to use them without taking them out of your pocket in the first place.

For example, a set of Bluetooth earbuds or even a basic set of earbuds with a method to pause, adjust volume, and perform other functions will allow you to keep your device in your pocket and out of danger. If you don’t want to buy another piece of electronics gear, you can look into outerwear that has special pockets which allow you to see and operate electronics without taking them out of their pockets.

And Don’t Forget to Check Your Pockets

No matter what type of case or other protection you have for your electronics, nothing will save your device if it falls out of your pocket and gets lost in the snow. Before you hit the slopes, make sure the pocket you’re storing your electronics in has a zipper that will not only keep them from falling out, but will also keep snow from getting in.

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