Mammoth Rocks! And It Tastes Good Too

As summer comes to a close there is still a slew of adventures to be had, events to attend and mountain bikes to ride.  This coming weekend we would like to feature Mammoth Rocks, A Taste of The Sierra. A three day festival devoted to all things food, outdoors and of course rock & roll.  Read further for details.

Mammoth Rocks, A Taste of The Sierra will run on August 25th & 26th and will feature music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and host some of the best musicians in the region. Perfect for the whole family, we recommend getting in some hiking or mountain biking in the morning and spending the afternoon at the Village to check out the beats and delicious delights.

Now going into its 9th year, the Mammoth Rocks festival will boast a number of different tribute bands. Starting on Friday, the 25th, tribute bands will include Fireball, Queen and some laid-back summer tunes. On Saturday, August 26th starting at 2pm, tribute bands will include; Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles and the Doobie Brothers amongst others.

When looking at my favorite part… the food, there will be something for the whole family. Starting at 4p.m. on Friday and 2p.m. on Saturday local chefs and top restaurants from across the region will be ready to give out tastes and bites and affordable meal options.

Every year this event grows larger and one of the best parts is that its FREE. There is no entrance fee and the only cost will come from purchasing food.  So come check out Adventure Sports Outpost in the morning, take a hike around the beautiful Eastern Sierra and then enjoy some music!

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