Which Mammoth Lakes Are Regularly Stocked?

Fishing is one of the most popular water-based activities in the Mammoth area from late April through mid-November. The beautiful, serene lakes here are rewarding and challenging for anglers of all ages and skill levels. What’s more, Mono County regularly stocks the four main lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and some of the other popular lakes in this area with potential catches that include trophy-sized trout. Here’s what you need to know about these well-stocked lakes, brought to you by the knowledgeable staff at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for all the equipment you need to enjoy the Mammoth Lakes area, from fishing tackle to Mammoth bike rentals.

Twin Lakes

Consisting of several connected lakes at the base of the southeastern part of Mammoth Mountain, Twin Lakes is home to the lowest lakes in the Mammoth Basin. Along with rainbow, brown, and brook trout, you may also catch some species of native tui chubs here. Lakeside camping options are available.

Lake Mary

The largest and most developed lake in the Mammoth Basin, Lake Mary has many easily accessible lakeside trails that will take you to prime fishing spots here. This lake is regularly stocked with rainbow, brook, and brown trout. An adjacent campground is located at the northwest end of the lake.

Lake George

The highest road-accessible lake in the basin, Lake George has a convenient boat dock and many trails that will take you to practically any fishing spot you prefer, although the marina is a prime fishing spot here. Larger rainbow trout are among the fish often placed in this lake. There’s parking nearby and a small store where you can rent a boat.

Lake Mamie

The smallest lake in the Mammoth Basin, Lake Mamie is periodically stocked with large brown and Alpers trout. There are no lakeside camping options, but you can find cozy picnic spots by the lake to enjoy when you’re not fishing. According to locals, dusk is the ideal time to fish here.

Nearby Well-Stocked Lakes

In addition to the four main Mammoth lakes, there are some other lakes in the Mammoth area that are equally well stocked. Located about seven miles to the south of Mammoth Lakes, Convict Lake is filled with rainbow and brown trout—which is the fish species most commonly found in Mono County lakes. Other well-stocked lakes/fishing spots fairly close to Mammoth include:

• Crowley Lake – If you prefer bigger trout, head about 12 miles south of Mammoth Lakes to this lake, which is regularly stocked by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

• Rock Creek – Take a day trip to nearby Rock Creek, a 20-mile valley about 23 miles from Mammoth Lakes, and you’ll find rushing creeks where many anglers have also snagged larger trout.

Preparing for Your Mammoth Fishing Trip

All Mammoth lakes are regularly stocked throughout the fishing season with rainbow, brook, and brown trout. However, you may also be able to find perch and smallmouth bass. Prepare for a visit to Mammoth that will include fishing by:

• Purchasing a one- or two-day fishing license to use during your visit*
• Considering local guided fishing trips if you’re fairly new to fishing
• Making lodging reservations in advance, especially if you prefer something close to the lakes

*Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 and older fishing in the Mammoth area 

If you’re on your way to gorgeous Mammoth Lakes to do some freshwater fishing, don’t forget to stop in and see the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth. Whether they need fishing equipment, hiking gear, or top-quality bike rentals, Mammoth visitors will find everything they need at our shop. Drop by on your way to the lakes or give us a call at 760-965-3444. 

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