What to Do In Mammoth Lakes When the Mountain is Closed

It’s hard to imagine too much snow being a bad thing, but as the storms from this weekend showed it’s possible for so much snow to fall that Mammoth Mountain has to close down.

At ASO Mammoth we know that it’s hard to watch snow fall and not head straight to the mountain, but when so much snow falls that even the world class crews at Mammoth Mountain can’t safely operate you know it’s serious. To help you pass the time until the mountain is open again, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a few of our favorite things to do in Mammoth Lakes. Check it out below, stay warm, and keep your skis and snowboards ready for when the mountain opens!

Hole Up With A Good Book

What goes together better than bad weather and a good book?

Whether you’re looking for a thriller to help you pass the time or need a children’s book to help your kids go down for an early night, there are enough books in Mammoth Lakes to pass even the worst storm. In terms of local options the main two are Booky Joint and Book Chalet. While Book Chalet offers a small selection of used books, Booky Joint offers a varied selection of new and used books and genres for all ages. Booky Joint offers more than books though, as they have plenty of toys and games for sale. If a book won’t pass the time quick enough, look for a board game the entire family can play. You can always pass a few hours in the Mammoth Lakes Library too!

Grab a Drink You’ll Find Nowhere Else

It’s impossible to be unimpressed by the natural scenery surrounding Mammoth Lakes, but if the weather is too bad to get outside and enjoy it then you can at least taste it through Mammoth Lake’s craft brewery and distilling scene.

Mammoth Brewing Company is one of the most popular places to find a Mammoth craft beer. Mammoth Brewing Company offers plenty of good food, but if you’re looking for a unique taste of the area then you’ll have to try their seasonal beers as well as a few of their year round favorites like the Double Nut Brown Ale or the Wild Sierra Saison Ale. If you’re looking for something other than beer, you can also check out Shelter Distilling and Devils Creek Distillery for something a little stronger!

See a Movie

Just like when it’s too hot outside to do anything, if there’s too much snow then what better way to pass the time than inside at the movies?

In Mammoth Lakes your best option for a movie theater is Minaret Theaters. Minaret is a smaller theater so you won’t find any 3D screenings or large theaters, but you will find a selection of the newest popular releases. Plan ahead so you can find a screening that works for you!

Stop By the Ski Shops

If you’re looking to learn more about Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain, and anything going on in town then stop by the ski shops all throughout Mammoth. While we may be a little biased, the crew at ASO Mammoth is your best resource and we are happy to help by answering any questions you have about the mountain, your gear, and what you need to enjoy all the snow that fell while the mountain was closed. Stop by today and check out our shop!

Always check beforehand to see if the establishments we’ve listed above are open. Until the mountain opens again, we will see you around town!

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