Mammoth Lakes Best Summer Campgrounds

Whether you’re looking for a clearing in the middle of the wilderness, a campground with developed bathroom facilities, or something in between, Mammoth Lakes has what you’re looking for.

Mammoth Mountain’s slopes may attract visitors and athletes from all over the world during the winter, but the scenery, perfect weather, and numerous campgrounds and wilderness areas keep visitors streaming into Mammoth Lakes all summer long. With so many campgrounds to choose from, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick guide to the most popular campgrounds in the area. For this list, we will be focusing on developed camping grounds and not camping in wilderness areas. No matter where you’re camping, leave no trace, be considerate of your neighbors and wildlife, and use fire safely!

Mammoth Lakes Basin Campgrounds

Due to its scenic setting, abundance of nearby trails, and the lakes that are perfect for fishing and other outdoor activities, the Mammoth Lakes Basin is one of the most popular camping areas in all of Mammoth Lakes. That’s why we have a few choices within the Lakes Basin Campgrounds. Although the Lakes Basin will open later than other campgrounds during high snow years, the wait is absolutely worth it as long as you bring plenty of bug spray!

The Lake Mary Campground is one of the most popular campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes thanks to the large number of trout in Lake Mary as well the number of trails within walking distance. Lake Mary Campground offers 43 non-electric campsites, trash receptacles, parking, picnic areas, and bathrooms.

If you’re ok with being away from the water, then Coldwater Campground is a great alternative thanks to its proximity to several trailheads. If you’re planning on camping at any of the excellent campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin area during the summer, make your reservations early as the campgrounds fill up quickly.

Reds Meadow Campground 

If you want to get closer to nature and the Eastern Sierra wildlife, then Reds Meadow Campground is perfect for you. Not only is Reds Meadow the perfect place to explore thanks the abundance of trails in the area, but it is also close to Mammoth Lakes landmarks like Devils Postpile National Monument. Reds Meadow is also known for its proximity to Eastern Sierra wildlife, specifically bears. If you’re camping here, make sure you have a way to keep your food from attracting bears and other wildlife.

There are several campgrounds in the Reds Meadow area, but due to the first come first serve availability and the 56 plots within its boundaries, Reds Meadow Campground is one of the most popular in the area. Another popular option within Reds Meadow is Minaret Falls thanks to its proximity to the waterfalls and creek it is named after. If you’re hoping to fish for trout while camping in Reds Meadow, then the Upper Soda Springs Campground is the place for you.

New Shady Rest Campgrounds and Old Shady Rest Campgrounds

If you’re looking for an easy drive to Mammoth Lakes, tent plots, and plots for small and medium RVs, then the Shady Rest Campgrounds are perfect for you.

Their convenient location puts all of the restaurants, shops, and attractions of downtown Mammoth Lakes within reach as well as the trails and lakes in the area. Plus, the Shady Rest Campgrounds offer a dump station, food lockers, a picnic area, and flush toilets.

Although there are many excellent campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes area, they fill up fast, especially around holidays. When you’re planning your Mammoth Lakes camping trip, look up your preferred campground ahead of time to see what the reservation policy is, whether the snow has melted and the campground is open, and what you can expect while camping there.

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