What Are the Health Hazards of Snowboarding?

Each holiday season, soccer fans around the world anxiously await the derby match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Spanish League, and in 2019 they were disappointed to learn that star Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo wasn’t in the lineup for Barcelona because of an injury he had sustained during a snowboarding session. Melo was diagnosed with inflammation of the tissue surrounding his pubic bone, which was likely caused by a backward fall, thus sidelining him for the game.

The injury Melo experienced isn’t the most common in snowboarding, an activity that’s actually safer than many other sports. In fact, when compared to other board sports such as skateboarding, riding a snowboard is certainly less dangerous. In a 1999 issue of American Family Physician, snowboarding injuries were deemed less likely to happen than injuries sustained while skiing.

If you’re planning on snowboarding in Mammoth Lakes this season, consider the following advice from the experts at ASO Mammoth, your go-to shop for high-quality Mammoth snowboard rental, gear, and safety tips.

Wrist Injuries

Something beginners must keep in mind is that falling can happen very often while snowboarding, more so than while surfing or skateboarding. Learning to fall is crucial, which means not using an outstretched hand to break the inevitable contact with the ground. Wearing wrist guards is a must, particularly for beginners. With the right clothing and friendly snow conditions, falling while snowboarding becomes manageable to the point of not using hands to break falls.

Head Injuries

Ice skaters and skateboarders have honed the instinct to keep their heads protected when falling. Snowboarders quickly sharpen this instinct, but the best policy is to wear a helmet. Statistics show serious head injuries are rare among snowboarders.

Knee Injuries

The hard bindings that attach the boots to the board provide excellent protection against ankle sprains, but they also cause some snowboarders to forget their knees are working harder. Getting your quadriceps muscles toned and ready for the season will shift the burden of motion, weight, and balance away from the knees, but you must also be mindful in certain situations. When climbing aboard the ski lift, you’ll likely be attached to the board with one binding while your other foot pushes off the ground. This is when it pays to have worked out your legs so your active knee doesn’t have to do all the lifting.

Snowboarder’s Ankle

Some members of the Canadian Winter Olympics snowboarding team have been sidelined with this condition, which often results from choosing the softest boots so they can perform tricks. Snowboarder’s ankle is a chronic inflammation of the ankle joint. It’s not a fracture, but it could cause enough discomfort to make walking feel like a painful chore. Beginners should always start off with stiffer ankle support when they’re learning to land tricks.

If you need advice on how to snowboard safely, drop by and chat with the experts at ASO Mammoth on your way to the slopes. We have great tips for beginning and veteran snowboarders alike, and we can hook you up with all the gear you need for an amazing mountain adventure. Whether they need to register a tour, check out the latest equipment, or rent snowboards in Mammoth, visitors know they can rely on us for great service and expert advice. Come by and see us or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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