Best Natural Features at Mammoth Mountain

One of the greatest perks to a mountain as large as Mammoth is the incredible variety of terrain and features available within the ski boundaries.

Still, more terrain makes features harder to find though. To help you feed your need for the backcountry while still within resort boundaries, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a quick list of our favorite natural features at Mammoth Mountain.

Before you read any further though, we need to take a moment to point out that riding these features raises the natural risks involved with skiing and snowboarding. To make sure that you’re able to come back the next day and hit these features all over again, always ski or snowboard within control, never ride alone, and stay conscious of riders and skiers downhill at all times to avoid collisions.

Drop at the Top of Dave’s Run

Although they can be hit or miss on any mountain, a good place to find natural moguls at Mammoth is at Dave’s Run.

If you’re not looking for moguls, then Dave’s Run also offers a jump at the top of the run with a steep landing below. On top of that, Dave’s Run also gets some of the best snow on the mountain so if you can avoid the moguls then you’ll have a good drop and a steep landing with plenty of snow. What more could you ask for?

Cliff at Slot

Staying on the same side of the mountain, you can also find a large cliff towards the bottom of Slot.

While you’ll have to do some searching here, the cliff offers a drop over 10 feet so it’s a great opportunity to find some air. With height comes danger though, so if you’re not experienced at landing from these heights then approach this cliff with serious caution. Even if you have hit a cliff of this height before, check beforehand to make sure there is enough snow for a safe landing.

Chutes Around The Summit

If you’re looking for a challenge, then the chutes around the summit are great place to start your search.

While plenty of areas like Dropout and Wipeout Chutes offer a milder challenge, areas like Kiwi and Paranoid flats offer some of the most technical riding on the mountain. Thanks to the steep incline of these chutes, there needs to be a good amount of snow for them to be ridable. If there is though, you can bet on an exciting ride down a steep chute and into a wide slope that is perfect to burn off speed. Make sure to keep an eye out for riders and skiers who may cross the lower parts of these slopes due to the speed you can build up while riding down these runs.

Woods Around Dragon’s Tail

You might have to do some tricky traversing or even hiking to completely enjoy this area, but the trees around Dragon’s Tail are home to great features, a steep incline, and plenty of snow to bring it all together.

Dragon’s Tail itself is home to many great natural chutes, bumps, and drops, but we recommend exploring the area around it to find features that are not completely carved out. Plan ahead and keep skier’s right on Wazoo to guide yourself to the top of Dragon’s Tail and avoid having to do any hiking. No matter where you go or what you hit, always explore the mountain! You won’t be able to see it all, but explore as much as you can and eventually you’ll find your perfect feature. For more tips, rentals, and ski and snowboard gear, stop by ASO Mammoth today!

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