Best Lift and Trails for Mammoth Mountain Powder

The good news is that over the weekend nearly two feet of snow fell on Mammoth Mountain, the great news is that another two feet of snow fell the day after, and if that wasn’t enough for you to check out the ASO Mammoth guide to ski and snowboard road trips and drop everything to head up to Mammoth, the even better, fantastic, best news of the new year news, is that even more snow is forecasted for this week.

We only have a little time before we head up to the mountain ourselves, but before we go we thought we would let everyone else know where we will be enjoying the Mammoth Mountain powder so you can join us. Check out the ASO Mammoth team’s favorite powder trails and lifts below!

Chair 22

On a regular day, Chair 22 is one of the best chairs on the mountain thanks to its central location and the high number of runs accessible from the top. On a powder day though, the blacks and double blacks that run under and around the lift are a musts for expert riders looking to make serious turns. If you’re looking for fun riding that is only possible after a storm, check out Avalanche Chutes while the powder is around.

High Five Express and Face Lift Express

We’ve grouped these two lifts together thanks to the half-dozen black diamonds that are accessible from the top of both lifts. Like Chair 22, High Five Express and Face Lift Express offer plenty of choices for challenging terrain that become too good to ignore after a storm. We suggest starting at the top of Face Lift Express and taking Rooster Tail down and exploring all of the runs beneath. Do yourself a favor and take some time to explore this area, as more people ride it the harder the powder is to find so explore early and often.

Chair 23

Due to the level of difficulty involved with riding the runs off Chair 23, you may want to turn here if you’re running into crowds. Still, thanks to winds and how steep these runs are powder won’t stick around long on the chutes underneath Chair 23. Dropout and Wipeout Chutes, Paranoid Flats, and Kiwi Flats should be where you head first to enjoy the powder.

Chair 12

If you want to enjoy the great conditions but are not comfortable enough with your skills to ride blacks and double blacks, then the runs below chair 12 offer plenty of intermediate runs with varied terrain to keep all skill levels entertained. Secret Spot, New Critters, and Ponderosa are all fun runs accessible from Chair 12, but we recommend exploring around the area to find new features and runs that have been opened up by the storm.

The Hemlocks

The Hemlocks terrain park is designed to deliver all the steep terrain and natural features of the backcountry, but after a storm it takes riding to another level. Even though the you must be an expert rider or skier and unafraid of doing a little hiking to enjoy The Hemlocks, if it’s in your skill level then you’ll need to check it out! We will see you out there! Stay safe by riding within your skill level and within boundaries. If you have any last minute gear needs or rentals, stop by ASO Mammoth on your way up!

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