7 Things to do With Dad in Mammoth Lakes

What’s the best gift you can give your dad on Father’s Day?

Time together.

Hey, when you’re reading a post about dads you should expect a few cliches and maybe even a dad joke or two. Still, quality time spent together is what’s most important, and there’s no better way to spend time with your dad, or whoever you call dad than taking them on a trip to Mammoth Lakes. To show you what we mean, the ASO Mammoth team has put together the 7 best things to do with your dad in Mammoth below. Check it out, and stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for all the gear you need for your Father’s Day in Mammoth Lakes!

1. Enjoy California’s Best Fishing

People flock from all over the world to fish in Mammoth Lakes’ waters, so if your dad is any type of fisherman then fishing in Mammoth Lakes is a must. You can make your fishing trip as simple as pulling up next to a lake and casting a line or hiring a fly-fishing guide to show you Mammoth Lakes’ best water!

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2. Grab a Local Drink

Whether your dad likes beer, spirits, or wine, Mammoth Lakes has them covered.

We love the excellent beer and food at Mammoth Mountain Brewing Company and Black Doubt Brewing Company, and Shelter Distilling and Devil’s Creek Distillery offer great tastings!

3. Take a Day Trip Through the Sierra and Spend the Night in Mammoth Lakes

If you can’t decide what you want to do in the Eastern Sierra, then see as much of them as you can with your dad on a classic road trip through the mountains with a great night in Mammoth Lakes!

4. Hike to Minaret Vista

You can talk to your dad much better if you’re both not constantly catching your breath, so for this list we’ve chosen an easy hike in the heart of Mammoth Lakes with a stunning view of the mountains at the end.

At 2.5 miles long, Minaret Vista will give you and your dad a taste of hiking in the Eastern Sierra without committing your entire day to a single activity, but the view at the top of the Minarets will still be the highlight of any Father’s Day. Plus, even if you don’t have time to make the entire hike, you can also drive to the top of the vista and enjoy the view! 

5. Golf in the Mountains

If a round of golf with views of the Eastern Sierra doesn’t get whoever you’re celebrating Father’s Day with excited, then tell them that there is a chance that their ball will fly further thanks to the thinner air at Mammoth Lakes’ elevation!

Mammoth Lakes is home to two golf courses, Sierra Star Golf Course and Snowcreek Golf Course. Both are centrally located to the rest of town and are excellent ways to spend time outside in Mammoth Lakes.

6. Relax in the Lakes Basin

It can be easy to forget that Father’s Day should be relaxing when you’re planning out your day with dad, so take this as a reminder!

There’s no better place to relax and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the Eastern Sierra than the Lakes Basin where you’ll find views of the mountains reflected off pristine water. All you need to enjoy it is a place to sit in the Lakes Basin, but it’s also an excellent place to walk thanks to the paved Lakes Basin Path!

7. Spend a Spa Day Together

We told you to remember to relax earlier, and we meant it. Treat yourself and your dad to a day at the spa while in Mammoth Lakes to completely recharge!

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